Underwater Tangents


Samia Ahmed

Underwater Tangents

It was that time of the year,
When October was creeping into November,
I left my reality in a closet,
And ran away to an island.
Mady, the man held my hand,
Being the guardian to my life,
My savior …
For that hour, I was not mine.

The volcanic sands,
Shining bright,
When the rays of the sun,
Hit the open seas.
Sounds of bubbles never was this loud,
My mouth stuck to tasting only rubber,
I could hardly be at ease.

Yet I could sense my vulnerability.
I could smell my fear…
I want to return to the beauty
Yes, I still want to go back there…
To the colors I had never seen,
Creatures never had been this close to me.
I was overwhelmed with love for God,
Overwhelmed with being alive!
And in those moments,
Underwater weddings made perfect sense.
I decided then, that my children
Will be brought here someday …
And before this day
Never did I want to procreate.

Taking it all in,
Between discomfort and awareness …
No idea I would lose such a precious thing.
Under the sea,
Fishes coming towards me,
With ardent curiosity …
There I was,
Completely losing myself.




The photographer
Has the best eye
When the subject
Is the object
Of affection.
The angle is just right
The timing just perfect
Only when emotions
Make the click.
The different faces
Of the same person
Are all equally true,
And all the shades captured,
Seem to make the world tick.
Years and depth
Marking wisdom on the face,
Worries of the world
And human conflict,
Marking those fine lines
Of empathy and pain.
Or even that smile
Of kind endearment
Speaks a thousand words,
A persona captured,
The world within.
A click made with feelings,
On a camera held with deep longing.

What Have We Become?


What have we become!
What is not right,
that’s not even wrong,
but a part of existence.
Thoughts, memories,
realities, illusions
all have been crafted,
personalities drafted,
past, present collide-
a spot in history.

Growth is learning
growth is acceptance
and thoughts are prayers,
Unbelievable what may come,
what have we become!
Though nothing beyond
a speck in time.

An afterglow,
a shooting star,
mild tremor,
dust storms before the rain.
Real, or not really?


Between Absence and Presence

An absence of an existence,
happens to be his greatest presence.
Memories of haunted conversations
and a possible curse…
having found a muse, accidental…
And having been one –
for hope, dreams and life itself…
At being called a best friend;
she can never grant the life he wanted,
Or  shrug off the association…
even in dust or ashes,
when the spirit will be free to move-
outside the wretched,
broken body,
held together by duct tape.
The presence of absence
holds a sense of responsibility,
albeit the attachment,
avec the consistent heavy heart
makes her run away….
from a city of memories,
from a curse in the air,
and eventually, from herself.



The End

I guess this is the end,
when the heart stops,
Losing a familiar beat…
Oxygen slowly depriving the cells,
Creating confusion and
Their slow standstill.
Life spirit leaving my body,
Reluctantly …
My feeling is to yearn another chance,
To hang on a little bit more.
Hopes and dreams evaporate,
Joining the air and atmosphere…
The bonds holding emotions and nerve endings melt,
Suddenly all my senses make no sense.
Gradually my thoughts converge to
Momentary nothingness,
A fleeting memory of the soft center of a cake,
And the familiar face I was with…
Only vision I now see,
Of the wise old oak tree
Gently gets blurred into oblivion.
This darkness becomes my reality,
Trying hard to convince my soul,
And struggling spirit,
That here is the end,
my very end.



Breaking News

The ticker conveys breaking news…
There has been another factory fire.
This city will gasp in shock…
Till the next one, a familiar satire.
Trapped in smoke,
Burnt alive in minutes,
Or death in stampede,
Humans reduced to numbers, in bits.
Each unit loses a hundred hopes…
A new dress, a family visit, the baby’s smile.
Yet another accident, yet another ticker…
Just killed a thousand dreams, in only a flicker.


Those Eyes

Why do you instill fear
in my noble spirit
with your penetrative stare?

The glare, those piercing eyes of yours,
seem to read
the secrets of my soul.

I may never know what they mean
or what they mean to cause,
after I am left in a trance.

I cannot decide
If those eyes doom me
to a future I cannot escape from,

or, if they protect me
with the glory of an esoteric vision,
from the harm of the world.

This fear, anxiety, reverence
Coming from a mere memory,
As you remain far away.

Yet, those penetrating eyes of yours
Have never left
The vicinity of my soul

Tribute to my Fairy

Wherever my super awesome fairy godmother shall fly,
I will gladly follow ….

the blue wisp of the Mediterranean air,
wondrous trail of the fireflies,
springtime in Half of the World,
the blue doors of magical beginnings,
or just a cozy apartment at Haw Par Villa…

There is a reason I find spiritual people to guide me,
hence need more time with them…
for wisdom to be exchanged.

Yet,there is no reason for love…
wherever the wonder woman shall fly,
I will gladly remain her shadow.




When you let me go
There are no long goodbyes,
dwellings on last words,
Long sighs or deep hugs.
I know there is love
In the knot in your throat,
Driving me to the airport.
The gulp of air you inhale in
your sadness
Says a thousand words,
As you let me go.