Underwater Tangents


Samia Ahmed

Underwater Tangents

It was that time of the year,
When October was creeping into November,
I left my reality in a closet,
And ran away to an island.
Mady, the man held my hand,
Being the guardian to my life,
My savior …
For that hour, I was not mine.

The volcanic sands,
Shining bright,
When the rays of the sun,
Hit the open seas.
Sounds of bubbles never was this loud,
My mouth stuck to tasting only rubber,
I could hardly be at ease.

Yet I could sense my vulnerability.
I could smell my fear…
I want to return to the beauty
Yes, I still want to go back there…
To the colors I had never seen,
Creatures never had been this close to me.
I was overwhelmed with love for God,
Overwhelmed with being alive!
And in those moments,
Underwater weddings made perfect sense.
I decided then, that my children
Will be brought here someday …
And before this day
Never did I want to procreate.

Taking it all in,
Between discomfort and awareness …
No idea I would lose such a precious thing.
Under the sea,
Fishes coming towards me,
With ardent curiosity …
There I was,
Completely losing myself.