The End

I guess this is the end,
when the heart stops,
Losing a familiar beat…
Oxygen slowly depriving the cells,
Creating confusion and
Their slow standstill.
Life spirit leaving my body,
Reluctantly …
My feeling is to yearn another chance,
To hang on a little bit more.
Hopes and dreams evaporate,
Joining the air and atmosphere…
The bonds holding emotions and nerve endings melt,
Suddenly all my senses make no sense.
Gradually my thoughts converge to
Momentary nothingness,
A fleeting memory of the soft center of a cake,
And the familiar face I was with…
Only vision I now see,
Of the wise old oak tree
Gently gets blurred into oblivion.
This darkness becomes my reality,
Trying hard to convince my soul,
And struggling spirit,
That here is the end,
my very end.




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