Breaking News

The ticker conveys breaking news…
There has been another factory fire.
This city will gasp in shock…
Till the next one, a familiar satire.
Trapped in smoke,
Burnt alive in minutes,
Or death in stampede,
Humans reduced to numbers, in bits.
Each unit loses a hundred hopes…
A new dress, a family visit, the baby’s smile.
Yet another accident, yet another ticker…
Just killed a thousand dreams, in only a flicker.



Those Eyes

Why do you instill fear
in my noble spirit
with your penetrative stare?

The glare, those piercing eyes of yours,
seem to read
the secrets of my soul.

I may never know what they mean
or what they mean to cause,
after I am left in a trance.

I cannot decide
If those eyes doom me
to a future I cannot escape from,

or, if they protect me
with the glory of an esoteric vision,
from the harm of the world.

This fear, anxiety, reverence
Coming from a mere memory,
As you remain far away.

Yet, those penetrating eyes of yours
Have never left
The vicinity of my soul

Tribute to my Fairy

Wherever my super awesome fairy godmother shall fly,
I will gladly follow ….

the blue wisp of the Mediterranean air,
wondrous trail of the fireflies,
springtime in Half of the World,
the blue doors of magical beginnings,
or just a cozy apartment at Haw Par Villa…

There is a reason I find spiritual people to guide me,
hence need more time with them…
for wisdom to be exchanged.

Yet,there is no reason for love…
wherever the wonder woman shall fly,
I will gladly remain her shadow.